“Patchwork cushion”


  • 3 x 20 cm of raw silk of different colours
  • 60 cm of raw silk of a fourth colour
  • 45 cm of medium weight quilting material
  • sewing thread and coordinated quilting thread
  • a 40 x 40 cm square cushion


  • Standard foot A
  • 1/4 inch seam foot
  • Free motion quilting foot



Cut 16 squares of 11 cm by 11 cm as follows

  • 2 of the first colour
  • 4 of the second colour
  • 6 of the third colour
  • 4 of the fourth colour

For the back of the cushion cut two 33 by 42 cm rectangles.


Back of the cushion

On each rectangle sew a double hem of 2 cm finishing on one of the 42 cm sides. Make a mark on the sides 8 cm from the bottom edge of the hem, lay the two parts on top of each other with one mark over the other and hold in place with a tacking stitch.


Front:  Arrange your fabric squares according to the colours you have chosen. Assembly: attach the patchwork foot onto your machine as this will guide you for the 6 mm seam allowance.


Create 4 strips by piecing together 4 squares of fabric. Follow the colour arrangement you have chosen. Piece together the 4 strips created in the previous step to form a large square.


Lay the square created in the previous step onto the quilting square, hold it in place with a tacking stitch or quilting pins


Set up your machine for free motion quilting. If this is your first time, follow the instructions in your user manual, test on a scrap of quilting fabric and start, freehand, to design with your machine a flower, a shell, a star etc…


Lay the two sides of the cushion right sides together, cut off any excess quilting material, sew and overcast the 4 sides, clip the corners and turn the cushion the right way out.

You have just completed your cushion, congratulations !

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