“elna basics – Jersey Top”


  • 80 cm of your color choice Jersey fabric (standard width: 140 cm)
  • Thread of same color


  • Standard foot
  • An elna overlock which is able to do the coverstitch (elna 745 / elna 845), or an elna overlock 664 / elna 664 Pro and the elna easycover.

Sewing time: Around 2 hours

Size: 40-42



After ironing your fabric, place on it the pattern that you previously cut.


Cut the fabric with 1cm of seam allowances for the size 40-42 or without seam allowances if you want it smaller.


You can adjust the size by comparing the width with your own measurement and if necessary remove the sides, as indicated by de blue arrows.

With a Safety 4-threads stitch, sew together the both sides and the shoulders. Fold all the hem (bottom, neckhole and armhole (1cm) and mark it with iron. Place some pins.


Sew the hems with the coverstich of your elna overlockmachine or coverlock machine to finish your basic Top very nicely.

You have just completed your Top, congratulations !

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